Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long have you been selling vintage?

A: I started out selling at markets in Summer of 2019.  I realized I was great at finding items, but wanted to be able to open it up to a larger audience.  Selling online seemed like the next logical step! For more info on this, check out "About Fat Girl Goes Green!"

Q: Where do you find all your good stuff?

A: Well, if I told you that I'd have to kill you! Kidding.. I source my goods from a number of places.  Family & friends give me great finds they dig up when cleaning out closets, I go to local tag & estate sales, spend some time hunting on the world wide web, and I always check out local thrift stores when I travel!  The thrill of the hunt (and a great bargain) is one of the two things that keep me in this business.  The other is seeing the look on someone's face when they find that piece of vintage that completes the perfect look or fills that impossible gap in their wardrobe. 

Q: How do I know what size I am?

A: Sure, vintage sizing is ALL over the place.  But you can usually get a pretty good idea of what will fit with a few simple measurements and basic knowledge about the type of material the piece is made of.  All you need is a measuring tape - it'll also help to read this handy guide! 

Q: Why should I shop vintage?

A:  The better question is why SHOULDN'T you?! But on a more serious note - shopping vintage is great for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is that it's WAY better for the environment than shopping new.  64% of the clothing produced every year ends up in a landfill.  For more shocking statistics and reasons why secondhand is best - check out this article by ThredUp.  Another great reason? Your wardrobe will be uniquely your own! It's so rare to find two of the same vintage pieces these days - who doesn't want to be stuntin' an entirely individual look?!

Q: Why Western Wear?

A: It took me some time to figure out where my passion truly fell within the vintage industry, and some of it was me taking the time to figure out how I felt about my own personal style! Ultimately I wanted to stick within the plus size route, but also wanted to offer up a collection that was gender inclusive - as a queer person, I know that 'gender norms' in clothing are being discarded left and right, and I find that true gender neutral styles are the future! The great thing about Western style clothing is that anyone can rock a great pair of jeans and a pearl snap, or a button down and bolo regardless of how they identify.  It's the perfect look! 


Q: Why does pricing vary so much by item?

A: Many of the items I purchase I am able to easily launder and sell as-is, but other items involve mending, repairs, dry cleaning (or leather cleaning) which adds time and cost on my end.  For my handmade or collaboration collections, I need to price so that it's fair for the work put in. Additionally, with shipping costs constantly rising, in order for me to sell items online I need to price them appropriately.  I try as hard as possible to keep my items accessibly priced! Local? You'll always get the best deal if you shop in person at my markets :)

Q: Why don't you offer returns?

A: Due to the unique nature of vintage pieces, and all of the cost and time put into photographing, measuring, laundering, repairing, and shipping the items - it's not a sustainable business model for me to offer returns/refunds.  I always make sure to provide measurements, notes on sizing, and condition with each item I post.  If you'd like to read more about my refund policy, please click here

Also, if you are still unsure about an item, do not hesitate to email me at and I will take more pictures or answer any questions you have about the item!